Project Linus Pattern

Lili’s Hug©

A weighted blanket especially suited for children
with sensory processing difficulties.

Finished Size

35" x 43" (approximate)    

Materials Needed

1 piece of Kid Print fabric 36" x 45"
1 piece of solid fabric for back 36" x 45"

If the fabric is thin, use a backing for wearability. Printed corduroy, twill, denim all work well. Solids can be personalized with appliqués. Please make them as kid friendly as possible. The top can be quilted.

90" hook and loop sew-in tape

Each piece of fabric will need 2 sets of hook and loop approx. 45" long per blanket which will close the top and bottom edge.


These directions are for a blanket that is 36" x 45", but by using the basic format, you can make them 45" x 45" or smaller, 36" x 30" for different ages of children. All the weight can be adjusted by adjusting the amount of sheets that you use to stuff them. The sheets can be cut in half or used full size.

  1. Cut 2 pieces of hook and loop tape 1" shorter than the long edges of fabric.
  2. Place the two pieces of fabric (36" x 45") right sides together, pin and stitch the 36" sides with a 1/2” seam. Turn right side out. This will form a tube.
  3. On the 45" sides press the edges under 3/4" to 1". On the pressed edges of one side of the tube sew one piece of hook tape along one folded edge at the top and the loop tape on the corresponding folded side. Repeat on the other piece of fabric. Press the hook and loop tape together on both edges.
  4. Measure half way down from one hook and loop edge on both seamed edges to the other hook and loop edge to find the horizontal center or fold it in half and mark that point. Mark this center and stitch from seamed edge to seamed edge. (See diagram.)
  5. Fold the fabric in half from side to side to find the center of the blanket. Draw a line from top to bottom. That will be the center front.  Divide each side of the center front into equal tubes that are at least 7" wide. Depending on the width, tubes can be 7" to 8" wide. This width is very important.
  6. Mark stitching lines. Starting with a medium width ZIGZAG, stitch 2-3 times across the hook and loop tape to secure it as much as possible and continue with a regular stitch to the opposite hook and loop tape then ZIGZAG 2-3 times across that hook and loop tape.
  7. Stuffing can be made from clean old sheets rolled or folded tightly.
  8. Stuff blanket to complete.

Pattern Copyright Notice

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With special thanks to Patty and Janeece -- and of course, Lili !