Project Linus Pattern

Sideways Shell Baby Afghan
(aka: Newbie Shell Afghan)

Copyright 2000 by Donna Laing

Following are Donna Laing's directions for the Sideways Shell Baby Afghan. Donna designed this pattern for Project Linus. If you have questions about the pattern, please e-mail Donna at

A dedicated group of blanketeers at Prudential Financial gets together twice a week during lunch break to teach people to crochet. The price for these lessons is that the first blanket made is sent to Project Linus. We have donated over 260 blankets in the last year. In our group, people new to crochet are designated as “the newbies.” I designed this easy pattern especially for the newbies.

It is so easy--easy to find what stitch to put the hook into, and easy to find where the row ends. As an added bonus, the pattern looks really fancy and the edge looks gorgeous. This simple pattern uses chains, single crochet and double crochet. When a newbie has finished this blanket, she knows most of the basic crochet stitches pretty well!

Approximate Size

30" x 38"


18 oz. of 4-ply machine washable yarn


With size I crochet hook, 1 cluster= 1 inch, and 3 rows = 2 inches


The pattern can be adjusted to any size, made in any yarn with any size hook. It is a multiple of 3 sts, + 2 sts.)


Chain 92 loosely.

Row 1: In the 5th chain from hook, work 1 sc, ch 2, and 2 dc, *skip 2 ch, work 1 sc, ch 2, and 2 dc all in the next ch. Repeat from * across to last 3 ch (29 clusters), skip 2 ch, work 1 dc in the last ch.

Row 2: Chain 3, turn. Work 1 sc, ch2, and 2 dc clustered all in the first ch-2 loop. Repeat in all loops across to last loop. Work 1 dc in ch-3 space at the end of row.

Repeat Row 2 until piece measures approximately 36". Do not break off yarn. Continue around the corner and the remaining 3 sides of the blanket, working 1 sc-ch 2-2 dc clusters in each space. Slip st at the end. Break off with 3 inches of yarn and weave in yarn ends. Admire your work and then bring it to your nearest Project Linus coordinator to be given to a child in need!