Gifting Ideas

Many Ways to Give

  1. Honorary & Memorial Gifts Accepted throughout the year, these type of gifts are a great way to show you care for birthdays, anniversaries, births, and other special occasions. Donations in lieu of flowers or other memorial gifts are welcome. All honorees and families will be notified at your request.
  2. Endowment Fund Our long-term goal is to raise a million dollars. Income from fund can be generated to help cover our annual operating expenses. There are many ways you can help us reach our endowment goal. Donations of cash, stocks, and/or mutual funds are the most common gifts. Other strategies consist of naming Project Linus as a beneficiary in your will, life insurance, annuities, and/or IRAs. For additional information regarding donations send an e-mail to
  3. Holiday Gifts Make a donation to Project Linus in honor of your friends and family for the next holiday - it will be a gift of love that they will love! For gifts of $25 or more Project Linus will send a beautiful holiday card notification to the honoree of your choice.

Project Linus is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, and is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions. Please consult your tax advisor to determine the tax deductibility of your gift.

How to Make a Donation


We make it easy for you to make online donations in any amount and at any frequency you wish: one time, weekly, every other week, monthly, quarterly, twice yearly, and yearly. In addition, it is easier than ever to make contributions as a memorial or honorary gift. Click the Donate Now button to get started.


If you wish to mail in your monetary donation, then click here to open a donation form. After you have filled-in all appropriate fields then please mail, along with your check or money order (no cash please!) to: Project Linus National Headquarters
PO Box 5621
Bloomington, IL 61702-5621

Help Us by Celebrating Your Next Event

In partnership with you can now help Project Linus while you plan your child’s next birthday party! Using their online system you can personalize an electronic invitation, choose gifts to purchase with contributions made online, track RSVPs & contributions, send messages & thank you notes, and more. Half of all online contributions go to you while the other half goes to Project Linus.

To get started click the graphic below.

Let us be a part of your child's next birthday party!

Donations Help Fulfill Our Mission

Project Linus is comprised of nearly 400 chapters across the United States. All are directed by volunteers who work from their homes. Chapter Coordinators are authorized by Project Linus National Headquarters for an assigned geographical area, and are entitled to the benefits and privileges enjoyed by our 501c3 tax exempt status. Chapter Coordinators are accountable to Project Linus National Headquarters for local activities and funds. Project Linus is audited annually by an independent certified public accounting firm and files an annual 990 tax return with the IRS. Our 990 return is a public document. You may request a copy by emailing All official chapters are the fiscal responsibility of Project Linus National Headquarters. Donors can be assured that at least 92% of their contribution is used directly for program costs. Project Linus adheres to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

There are three basic ways Project Linus donations are used:

  1. Chapter Expenses These are expenses directly related to the chapter. They are supported by the donations that are collected locally and submitted to Project Linus National Headquarters for deposit. Chapter Coordinators may then submit receipts for local purchases or use funds for items provided by Project Linus National Headquarters. 80% of all donations collected on the local level are available for use by the chapter coordinator at her discretion, within organizational guidelines. All monetary donations without exception are required to be submitted to Project Linus National Headquarters for deposit and to be reported to federal and state agencies.
  2. General Program Support 20% of donations collected on the local level are retained by Project Linus National Headquarters to be used for the benefit of chapters and to support the organization as a whole. Many of these expenses are paid in behalf of chapters relieving them of that obligation locally. They include in part the following: Auditing, Bookkeeping/Clerical/Salaries, Equipment Leases and Purchases, Insurance, Office Supplies, Printing and Reproduction, Postage and Shipping, Rent, State Registration Fees, Storage, Telephone and Internet, Website Maintenance and Tech Support
  3. Management Expenses Donors can be assured that at least 92% of their contribution is used directly for program costs. Project Linus adheres to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.